Finland: Quality English-taught programmes for international students

Crowned as the world’s happiest country, Finland receives worldwide admiration for its thriving higher education system.

When it comes to happiness, the five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, often outperform other places in the world thanks to its high quality of life and education. Among the Nordics, Finland’s world-leading education system has lured many international students to pursue their study there.

Starting from early childhood, Finnish schools aim to prepare students for the real-world by providing academic knowledge and practical skills. There are two types of higher education institutions: university and university of applied sciences (UAS). The former emphasizes on research and academic study, while the latter provides more practical knowledge and career training.

Finland’s official languages are Finnish and Swedish, but it also offers more than 400 English-taught bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in 13 universities and 22 UAS to attract international talents. To date, the country has more than 20,000 international students pursuing study there.

In general, the annual tuition fees at Finnish universities are set between around HK$ 47,000 to HK$ 168,000, excluding living expenses. To reduce financial burden, international students studying undergraduate and masters degrees may apply for scholarships offered by the Finnish government.

Aside from financial support, what makes studying abroad in Finland more attractive is its high level of academic freedom. Respecting every student’s interest and choice, Finnish universities allow students to choose the electives that they like to study, encouraging self-learning.

Different from other study destinations that restrict work for international students, the Finnish government allows them to work for up to 25 hours per week. What’s more, the universities will provide career service to help students find a part-time job or even a full-time position after graduation.

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